Recent Feedback


"You really have made a huge difference to me and my life and I'm so incredibly grateful."

[Devon, 02/2022]

"Christine was amazing. I would definitely recommend her as a therapist. Thank you for helping me realise things are not as bad as you think sometimes and there is light at the end of the tunnel."

[Devon, 02/2022]


"I can't praise Christine highly enough. She was professional, kind, helpful and was so knowledgable. Please pass on my thanks for her."

[Devon 01/2022]


"I am so grateful for Christine's help. She is a credit to your company. Professional, helpful, and such a lovely person."

[Devon 10/2021]

                        Christine was amazing. I would definitely recommend her as a therapist"

[Devon, 09/2021]

"Christine is an amazing CBT therapist. She really understood me and gave me the correct tools for my needs. Highly recommend her."

[Devon 05/2021]

Past Feedback.


"I have had countless counsellors and therapists over the years - assessment after

                     assessment, just asking me questions. Christine is the first person to ever actually explain to me why I feel the way I feel, and more importantly, what I can now do about it!" [Depression and low self esteem, Leicestershire.]

"Christine is a wonderfully inspirational and enthusiastic therapist. I feel very grateful for my time learning with her"[Generalised Anxiety, Derby.]

"Before I started I was nervous of therapy but I felt Christine truly understood me. I will miss our therapy 'chats' [Anxiety and Panic Disorder, Derbyshire.]

"I felt the whole course was extremely helpful. Having undergone a previous course of CBT (for a different problem), I'd like to say that I found Christine to be a much better therapist - my work with her was much more informative and useful." [Social Anxiety, Nottinghamshire.]

"My life has changed completely over the last few months. Christine has helped me to change my outlook on social situations. I now have the courage and belief in my own self worth. Without her, I could not have achieved all that I have and my self esteem continues to evolve." [Social Anxiety, Derbyshire.]

"Christine is a fantastic therapist. I feel ready to go it alone now and have the tools in place in case I slip backwards at any point." [Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Derbyshire.]

"Christine was brilliant - she can understand what is going on inside minds! She helped me gain a much better understanding of my mixed up emotions. I want to thank her for her hard work and effort, for how much it has improved my quality of life." [Stress and Depression, Derbyshire.]

"It was a great experience for me that will help me for the rest of my life. Christine is not only a fantastic therapist but a really nice, friendly person. Anyone who needs help, as I did, couldn't ask for anyone better to help." [Chronic Depression, Derbyshire.]

"Christine provides excellent professional support. Our work has helped me tremendously and I appreciate it all. I will remember her sayings if I start going backwards again!" [Stress and Depression, Leicestershire.]

"I've found all aspects of CBT hugely positive, even though it felt very emotional at the beginning. I feel so different, so much more positive and confident to cope with things now. Christine was patient throughout giving me guidance, encouragement and time. I really do appreciate it!" [Depression and Adjustment Disorder, Derbyshire.]

"Christine helped me to see how much I used to belittle myself and the impact that was having on me. Therapy has helped me to reframe my inner voice and put a better perspective of things. I think I like myself more now. I don't beat myself up as much. I try my best and that is all anyone can ask of me ... including myself!" [Low Self Esteem and Depression, Nottinghamshire.]

"My work with Christine helped me to understand my rights and become more assertive. It also gave me the tools to work through situations I have found particularly difficult. I am practicing relaxation techniques regularly now and actually enjoy it! I am much calmer. Thank you for being there to listen and at times, make me laugh! Christine has helped me more than she will ever know." [Stress and Anxiety, Nottinghamshire.]

"I now have a better quality of life which Christine has taught me." [Depression and Anxiety, Sheffield.]

Christine is a very approachable, warm and helpful person. She has helped me to get my head back into gear and restore some of the self confidence I had lost." [Agoraphobia and Depression, Derbyshire.]

"I felt Christine thoroughly understood what I'd been going through. I felt comfortable with her from the start which made it easy to discuss anything with her. I've had therapy before but this was exactly what I needed. It has given me the tools for the future. I now realise I am an important person. I am thinking more clearly and can put things in to perspective - something I was struggling with a few months ago." [Stress and Depression, Leicestershire.]

"Christine is an excellent therapist who we have engaged to provide CBT with a work focus which has proved successful in assisting employees to return to work, remain in work and perform better at work. We have used Christine many times and will continue to do so. Christine has worked with our staff with mental illness, stress related conditions and behavioural issues. She is professional and expertly capable. The employees all speak highly of her and report to have improved their personal lives and their health. I would certainly recommend her to anyone and will be using her again and again." [Occupational Health Service Manager, Telford.]